Sometimes, inspiration starts with something very simple. For me,      this inspiration was an arrow, yellow, crafted out of a few pieces of wood. 
This arrow was part of a summer school event in Cesis / Latvia in 2013...

This event took part in the center of Cesis, these arrows were crafted as signs, pointing the visitors to the right direction. Dozens of these arrows suddenly appeared in the city on the date the event took place.

At the same time, I was together with a group of international students and tutors to build the story tower or public bookshelf in front of Cesis station.

As the summer school came to an end and it was time to leave Cesis towards Riga, I wanted to have a souvenir. And as crazy as it sounds, I took one of these arrows with me back to Germany. Suddenly this arrow meant something to me.
"Take another way" I once wrote into one of my many notebooks which I carry with me to write down notes, draw sketches and so on.
And so I carried the arrow, attached to my backpack, with me from Cesis to Riga, Ventspils, Lübeck, Hamburg and finally to my former home, Heidelberg.

This arrow continued to appear over and over in my notes over the next years.
In 2018 I left Germany to move to Estonia. A place where I have been many times before and I call home. Here I have decided to make let something become real, something that was hunting me since Cesis.

To take my own way, to start a business.